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Attentions of Custom microfiber Hair Turban Towel

microfiber Hair Custom Turban Towel Attentions:

  As it isn't simple to wash up the dirty towel,so please use the wet towel rather than dry towel once improvement the article of furniture,home appliance,kitchenware,sanitaryware ,floor,leather shoes,clothes.

  Specially attention:please should be close up the dirty towel in time.

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  Dish wash material cannot be used for improvement the iron pot,especially rusty iron pot,As the rust is absorbed by the towel,it is demanding to wash.

  It is fascinating to ironning garments by iron,clean garments with quandary and clean the face powerfully with towel.

  Please do not clean the towel with different garments within the wash machine(the absorption capability of microfiber is therefore powerfully,fur and garbage of these garments are absorbed by the microfiber towel.Meanwhile,it's no fascinating to wash the towel with beleached detergent.

  Don't place an excessive amount of pressure on tender skin,as microfiber towel is therefore small,just throughly to wash and powerfully to absorption capability.But it'll be sleek when many days.


  Fast action: we will reply client inquiry within 1 hour.

  Professional service: from inquiry ->make sample ->start order -> inspecation->delivery

  We have 1 to 1 special service for each client.let client control each

  Step of order.Base on our service,you can sleep well.

  Good quality: we have own professional quality control team, make sure the order quality s complete good before shiping.Let client never worry about quality.

  Our company as a microfiber bath towels Supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

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