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China Biggest Microfiber Supplier

HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd, is the china biggest microfiber supplier. The company was founded in 1998, there has been more than eighteen years old , and the factory covers an area of over 4000M2,  and there are more than 400 employees in the company , at the same time , JiuYuan with the branch factory in GuangDong Province , compare with the other small factory , HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd is a factory with the largest scale.

china biggest microfiber supplier

HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd, is the biggest microfiber supplier in China. The company including 5 workshops, they are weaving , dyeing, finishing , inspection, and finished workshop , and there are the  most advanced machinery and equipment : warp machine , warp knitted machine ,weft knitted machine , dyeing machine and forming machine , rolling machine and the auto cutting machine . The factory own the most perfect equipment and machine .

HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd, is the china biggest microfiber supplier. Based on the largest scale and perfect machine , HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd produce various microfiber products ,including microfiber cleaning cloth ,bath towel, hair turban , sport towel , and mop , cleaning gloves and sponge , the different products are widely used in hotel , home , car cleaning industry and so on . On the other side , the products has exported to Europe ,American, Japan ,Australia, Southeast Asia , more than 50 countries, and kept a nice cooperation relationship with the customer for a long time . The yearly output value has reached as much as over USD15 million .

In conclusion, HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd, is the China biggest microfiber supplier.

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