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How To Clean Microfiber Bath Towels

how to clean microfiber bath towels ? Use a washing machine plus washing powder or wash with warm water and detergent. Wash thoroughly thoroughly with water after washing. The use of bleach will shorten the life of microfiber cleaning towels. Do not use softener. Softeners leave a thin film on the surface of the microfiber. Will seriously affect the wiping effect. When washing or drying with other clothes in a washing machine, care should be taken because the microfiber cloth will absorb the soft clothing surface and affect the use effect. Dry in the air or dry at low and medium temperatures. Do not iron and insolate.

1.Super Absorbent, test shown Bamboo towel absorbs 4 times more water than Cotton Towel and quick dry.
2.Naturally Anti-microbial, Anti-bacteria, Anti-fungal, Anti-ultraviolet Anti-aging, Odor resistant. 
3.Oil decontamination effect is very obvious. 
4.Long life washing is not deformed 
5.Easy to clean and will not fall colors 
6.Good permeability, experts called it a "breathing fiber".

our company is also called Microfiber Cleaning Towel .if you need that pls contact us.
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