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Also known as a new generation of synthetic fiber to develop rapid differential fiber Recent years of  microfiber cleaning cloth known as clean cloth or clean cloth is high quality, high-tech textile raw material Is a typical example of a new synthetic fiber that shows the direction of high-tech and high simulation of chemical fiber.
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Fabric, it is similar to the surface layer of the appearance of velvet, hair, in the manufacture of this fabric, high-end fashion, and crushed a very bulky, soft, smooth peach skin, after the sand grade finish, row We are not filled with youthful beauty, close to youthful beauty; We, jacket, T shirt, underwear, curlott skirt and other cool and comfortable, the low price was made overseas senior artificial suede microfiber, both Excellent decontamination effect washing cloth which can be various, which is not damaged by eyeglasses, video equipment, precision instrument, mirror, temporary and thin and soft to the fiber, which is exactly like leather, it feels like leather; Made by wiping with microfiber, microfiber can also be made by very smooth surface of very high density fabric, in addition to this, micro Able can be used for filtration in various fields of health, sportswear, such as skating, swimming, skiing, to protect the workers, reduce resistance, create good performance players It helps to do.

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