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Microfiber special waffle towel Supplier

Microfiber special waffle towel  is applied for gym or other sports exercises; 

Features:good water absorption,ultra-fine 100% microfiber sports towel especially for sports people.

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100% cotton, 32s/2 ,21s/2 ,21s/1,16s ,14s,10s

Microfiber towel


Standard weight is 130-400GSM, can do as you required


Standard size 30*30,40*40,50*100,70*140cm ,can be customized


Do as you asked, red, white, pink ,etc.


(1) Easy to wash without detergent

(2) Super Soft, Super absorbent, quickly material

(3) Clean and protect delicate surfaces

(4) lightweight and compact

(5) Ideal for travel, gym, running, hiking, pool, and more

(6) Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch

(7) No bad odors

(8) We accept OEM

our company as a microfiber bath towels supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.

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