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New Product Microfiber Man-Made Chamois

Hi,everyone, now let me introduce one new product, its name is microfiber man-made chamois, another name is imitated shammy or imitated chamois.

Microfiber Man-Made Chamois

The material of chamois is very good, the result show that chamois can heighten water-absorbing capacity,it is durable consumer goods and very soft. So its price is very high and usage rates is very low.
On the subject, In order to reduce the cost and meet the customer’s requirements. Our factory still study and finally produce microfiber man-made chamois. Surface and water-absorbing capacity, especially, the water-absorbing capacity is about 4 times more than the natural chamois.
So far, our factory is only one manufacturer in this field, even so, we still plan to extend our research in this field, we hope that we can make greater success.
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