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Why choose us --Jiuyuan

We owns the knitting, dyeing, and finishing of microfiber towels ---- all the three workshops.

So the quality and delivery time, and what’s important, the cost, could be well controlled by ourselves, That means we can offer you the right goods at the right time, with a competitive price.

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Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Co.,Ltd is a professional textile manufacturer and exporter, We have more than 20 years experience in these products and we had our own factory, QC department and professional foreign trade team. The factory has tens of warp knitting machines imported from Germany, weft knitting machines from Taiwan and shuttle looms. The products include microfiber wrap knitted, weft knitted, coral velvet, flannel and other various specifications and colors of Beach towel, Cleaning towel, Drying towel, Hand towel, Advertising gift towel, Embroidery towel, Printed towels, Promotional towel, Cooling towel and so on.  OEM is avilable.  Welocme to us, we're here to help. Thank you.

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