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100% Polyester Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Today I will introduce the material, size, and usage of 100% polyester microfiber cleaning cloth.

100% Polyester Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

First, material, it is 100% polyester. The polyester is the most varieties in synthetic fibre. The finalize the design capacity is very good. After many times washing, it still can keep the same. Because its price is cheaper, solid durable, softness, insulation, anti-corrosion and many other characteristics, So polyester is very popular.

Second, size, the length and width may be 25cm*25cm, 30cm*30cm, 40cm*40cm and so on. It is according to customer’s requirements. The weight is about from 250gsm to 400gsm.

Third, main usage, it is useful for cleaning in house, office and car wash industry. Especially, 100% polyester microfiber cleaning cloth are well accepted by car wash industry for their good rinsibility, quick drying and good durability.

In a word, 100% polyester microfiber cleaning cloth is better in similar products. We hope you have a try, we can ensure it can be gotten your acception.
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