Microfiber Mop

Microfiber Mop

Microfiber Mop System has been very popular in the past two years. The mop head has subverted the traditional round head and adopted a flat design to fully stress the bottom plate and the ground. The mop is made of refined cotton yarn and microfiber, which is convenient for wiping off the dust between gaps and corners. Now, many products also have card towel settings, which can be easily installed to wipe the floor with various waste towels, and can also be installed with special towels to wipe glass and windows.

A Good Microfiber Mop System Can Get Twice the Result with Half the Effort!

The microfiber mop is different from the ordinary round head mop. It is square and can directly contact the ground. The mop is also made of refined cotton yarn and superfine fiber, which is more convenient to wipe off gaps and corners. 

By choosing Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Group mop, you can easily do all the housework. The cleaning force is unprecedented, so you can mop the floor ten times less a month and help you free yourself from the heavy housework. Welcome to contact us!


1、 Good water absorption. 

The microfiber mop system cleaning head enhances the water absorption effect by virtue of the capillary core adsorption effect.

2、 Good softness. 

The microfiber mop cleaning head is softer when used with steam; The ordinary cleaning cloth becomes stiff and rough, and the floor is damaged by repeated friction.

3、 High cleanliness. 

The clearance between the filaments of the microfiber cleaning head can effectively absorb dirt.

4、 Good service life. 

The ultra-fine fiber cleaning head will not deform after repeated washing, and has an ultra long service life.

5、 Easy to wash. 

After use, the microfiber cleaning head only needs to be cleaned with clean water or a little detergent.

Do You Want to Customize the Best Microfiber Mop System?

We has relentlessly developed and pursued one-stop supply solutions of microfiber products, while offering the most cost-effective microfiber mop to consumers around the world. We are committed to providing you with the best customized services, and the color specifications will certainly meet your requirements. If you are interested in our products, please contact us!

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