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Best Microfiber Mop China

It's the best floor mop you can buy for any type of productive floor cleaning for almost any type of floor. Highly absorbent. Cleans Amazing Remarkable Well!

1. Excellent high water and dust absorption
2. Super decontamination ability
3. Good wear-resistance
4. Easy clean, quick dry
5. Great for household, office, hospital, school cleaning, ect.

Item number YYM-200
Composition 80% polyester, 20% polyamide or as per request
Weight 200g
Packing Carton or as per request
Custom specifications available
Different plastic socket available

Wash or toss after use. Machine washable several times.
Attaches easily to strips on ProMist base.
Pad thoroughly cleans several large rooms without rinsing.
Microfiber grabs dirt, washes clean! What is microfiber.
Millions of microscopic fibers that grab and hold dirt, dust and moisture. 

we provide microfiber gloves for cleaning china,if you need that pls contact us .
best microfiber mop china
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