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Best microfiber mop manufacturer

best microfiber mop
Best microfiber mop are designed to provide aggressive cleaning in high traffic areas without damaging your floors - perfect for scuff marks!
Thoroughly and Quickly Dusts Any Hard Floor Surface
Quick and Easy Cleaning with No Bending Over
Strong efforts to remove the stains .
Make Your Life Easier 

Competitive Advantage:
1)  Dense 3 - 5 micrometer quality fiber removes more dust, dirt and microbes than conventional cleaning products.
2)  Advanced hook-and-loop backing... holds-up under harsh laundering conditions and attaches pads more securely.
3)  Overlock finished edges retain mop shape with use over time.
4)  Proven to clean floors 45% better than string mops, 25% better than conventional microfiber
5)  Reduces chemical and water use more effectively
6)  excellent launder ability
Best microfiber mop Pads are great for cleaning any hard surface floors especially high traffic areas. The scrubbing strips on the mop are designed to be aggressive without being abrasive and are ideal for removing scuff marks from floors. The size of these mop pads make them an effective product to use for mopping floors in schools, hospitals and areas that tend to need a little extra attention. They work great for cleaning contract companies and janitors who need to get through their cleaning jobs quickly and hassle free. Because of the durability of the dense loop microfiber construction they’re great for mopping concrete floors and other rough surface floors.
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