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Buy Microfiber Bath Towels in china

Microfiber bath towel is a non-polluting new high-tech textile materials, the composition of polyester and nylon composite organic generated by an ultrafine fiber. Because it is a kind of material with strong water absorption, good air permeability, mildew proof (antimicrobial and antibacterial after special treatment), it is widely used in the weaving of finished garments and home textiles in the world .

Microfiber bath towel features:
1.High water absorption: Microfiber technology uses orange flap technology will be divided into eight filaments, the fiber surface area increases, the fabric in the pores increased by capillary wicking effect to enhance the water absorption effect. Fast water absorption and rapid drying become its salient features.
2.Do not fade: Dyeing process TF-215 for microfiber materials such as dyes, its slow-dyeing, dye transfer, high temperature dispersion, achromaticity indicators have reached the strict standards of international markets for export, in particular, it does not fade The advantages of cleaning the surface of the product so that it will not bring the trouble of decolorization pollution.
Microfiber Bath Towels
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