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China Factory Microfiber Hair Turban

China Microfiber Hair Turban is ideal for many activities. Designed to keep you warm in the cold, will also wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin to keep you cool when it's hot. The lightweight, breathable, microfibre fabric is also wind resistant and extremely comfortable to wear. 
Ideal for daily dress up, outdoor sports, or even costumes! 
This item makes a great gift for anyone with its multi-use capabilities. 
Production Process
Step1: Please send me your design and pantone code. 
Step2: According to your requests we will make samples for you to confirm. 
Step4: After samples confirmation, we will enter into bulk production. 
Step5: Bulk delivery. By air or ship, all according to your requests. 
we provide microfiber bath towels . These seamless multifunctional tubes of fabric are made from microfiber polyester for easy breathability. 
China Factory Microfiber Hair Turban
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