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Hebei Jiuyuan company is a  Microfiber Cleaning Towel manufacturer.  Microfiber Cleaning Towel, Microfiber glove and other products produced by our company. The product is soft in texture, does not scratch and scratches the surface of the object, and does not leave traces after wiping. The dust removing effect is good, the water absorption and oil absorption are strong, and the dust can be repeatedly washed and used, and the environmental protection requirements are met.
Microfiber Cleaning cloth for soft, oil absorbent is particularly good, is widely used in: all kinds of glass instruments, musical instruments, lacquerware, ceramics, lighting, mobile phone, camera, jewelry, jewelry, jade, watches, cars, game machine, LCD screen, metal surface, precision machinery, electrical appliances, coffee machines, Home Furnishing activities. Furniture, hotel industry, cleaning, storage bags and sewed with superfine fiber cloth car can be widely used in these products, cleaning and packaging.
Our company has advanced technology and production equipment, customers can request a variety of texture, specifications, models, color microfiber fabric, the price is excellent, fast delivery speed. We look forward to working with you.
 Microfiber Cleaning Towel manufacturer

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