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China Microfiber Glove With High Quality

In recent years, The company advocates a strategy of "Concentrated Multiplied Operations", fully tapping its local advantages. Whilst strengthening market exploration and internal management, the production has been continually expanded and quality remarkably improved, an integrated business pattern incorporated purchasing, processing, and overseas-oriented trading has come into being. At present, the company is equipped with three modern factories. Its products have enjoyed world fame. 

The microfiber glove is very soft and gentle on the delicate surfaces you use them on. When you clean the car windows, you can remove all debris without swirl marks, which can be an eyesore once the windshield dries.

Microfiber glove Features:
Meant for cleaning around the house or dusting, and also good for washing the car.
Microfiber, super-absorbent, lint-free.
Can remove dust fast and effectively.
Household cleaning indispensable, faster clean good helper.
They don't scratch things so you can use them on the TV screen and computer screens.
Great cleaning glove for cleaning table, floor, car and glass.

Our microfiber glove products are fit for the cleaning of all sorts of lens, metallic-membrane, screens, top-class furniture, precise electronic instruments, high-grade crystal lighting and sports appliances. These products are favored both in mainland China and abroad because of their fine materials and advanced techniques.
We own the most advanced technology and production equipment, which ensure that our products can meet the different requirements of our clients, such as micro fiber textile products of different qualities, sizes, models and colors.
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