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There are many mothers and girls who are afraid to hurt their hands and choose a pair of gloves when they are cleaning their homes. Rubber gloves are often seen on the market today. This glove is waterproof and can prevent hands from soaking. But when you're wiping the table and wiping the glass, rubber gloves make labor difficult because of the wrong size.
Here, you can choose microfiber gloves instead of rubber gloves to help you get out of the chore. Although the gloves have a certain role in warm, but its main purpose is used for cleaning. You can take it with you and use it as a rag. Different from rags. Its glove shape fits perfectly with your hands, making movement and cleaning easier. Our microfiber gloves are made of high quality fabric, which gives you a soft and comfortable feel. And a variety of colors, you can choose your favorite color. In addition, its soft surface does not cause scratches on the surface of the object being cleaned.
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 Microfiber Glove
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