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China Microfiber Gloves For Cleaning

Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998, located in the economic development zone of wei county,xingtai city,hebei province,China.The company's main product is microfiber warp-knitted cloth , weft-knitted cloth, cleaning towel, bath towel, shower cap(hair turban), bath skirt, bathrobe, fleece products, microfiber cleaning towel, mop, clean gloves and cleaning sponge, etc. widely used in hotels, guesthouses, home, beauty, car cleaning industry, entertainment, sports places, technical researching places and so on.
1. Soft, comfortable, colorful
2. Super cleaning ability
3. Multi-functional microfiber cleaning mitts
4. Much more durable than cotton mitts
5. No lints,no scratching
6. Antistatic
8.All color, weight, size,packing is customized

we as a Microfiber Cleaning Towel manufacturer. if you need that pls contact us.
china microfiber gloves for cleaning
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