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China Microfiber Towel With Mesh For Sale

As it is not easy to clean up the dirty towel,so please use the wet towel instead of dry towel when cleaning the furniture,home appliance,kitchenware,sanitaryware ,floor,leather shoes,clothes.
Specially attention:please must be clean up the dirty towel in time.
Dish wash cloth can't be used for cleaning the iron pot,especially rusty iron pot,As the rust is absorbed by the towel,it is not easy to clean.
It is desirable to ironning clothes by iron,clean clothes with hot water and clean the face strongly with towel.
 Please don't clean the towel with other clothes in the wash machine(the absorption capacity of microfiber is so strongly,fur and garbage of those clothes will be absorbed by the sport towel.Meanwhile,it's no desirable to clean the towel with beleached detergent.
Don't put too much pressure on tender skin,as sport towel is so tiny,just throughly to clean and strongly to absorption capacity.But it will be smooth after several days.  

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Microfiber Towel With Mesh In China
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