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Custom Wholesale Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Car

  This cleaning cloth offers amazing clean performance for stainless steel and glass. Made with new technologies, this advantage generation microfiber cloth is totally different from ordinary microfiber cloth on out looking and in inner structure. It looks like a paper towel when it is dry and feels like chamois leather when it is wet. Especially, it has particular new microfiber structure, its microfibers are wedge shape, and the edges of wedge microfibers like thousands of micro spades can remove finest dust and stain completely from the cleaning surface.

  Excellent on cleaning kitchen stainless steel counter, Sink, Faucet, microwave oven, refrigerator and all kinds of glass ware. There is no any other kind cloth could compare with its cleaning performance.

  It is the best way to keep kitchen stainless steel ware and glass ware clean and shining.

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  Safe on any surface, Stainless Steel, Chrome, Glasses, Windows, Mirrors, Furniture, Marble, Electronics Great easy wet cleaning. Clean with just water. Wet it, wring then wipe. No lint, no streak be left.

  Great dry cleaning

  Machine washable 100 times up

  Never shrink


  Rinse thoroughly before first time use

  Our Services:

  1. 10 years’ experience of manufacturing and trading of Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth and related Cleaning products.

  2. Providing Testing and Certificates as required

  3. Offering OEM and ODM

  4. Offering 6 months’ quality assurance.

  5. Timely reply—receiving email will answer not exceed 2 hour in our working time (9:00 am-18:00 pm), in non-working time promising not exceed 8 hours

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