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Do you know how to clean a microfiber duster

Do you know how to clean a microfiber duster?,first ,you should know the quality of  microfiber duster.It seems that there is a new duster on the shelves of the supermarket each day. They all seem to advertise the same thing, “removes dust and dirt from those hard to reach places!” But which one is really the most effective for your home or facility? From your experience, you already know that many rags, cleaning cloths and dusters do quite the opposite; they just move the dust and dirt around and disperse it into the air.
By nature, split microfiber attracts dust, debris, and other particles electrostatically. Additionally because of its fine fibers, it does not leave behind a residue. Furthermore, the high density of fibers results in a duster that is so durable that it will withstand many washings!
Microfibers in the duster are synthetic fibers with strands less than one denier (i.e., about 1/16 the thickness of human hair). A single strand of microfiber is so small that it is almost invisible to the naked eye; it is even tinier than the finest silk filament! It would take 200,000 of these ultrafine fibers to fill one square inch. Because of the thinness of the strands, microfiber is exceptionally soft and holds its shape so well.
how to clean a microfiber duster
Furthermore, as the tiny fibers rub together, the microfiber creates an electrostatic charge. This increases its ability to clean – the charge helps to attract dirt into the crevices in the strands. As a result, the duster has become known as a “dust magnet”.

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