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We are professional good quality microfiber manufacturer , making efforts in researching ,producing and selling. For the development of new products, we have strong advantage. Hebei Textile Research Institute with strong technical force, is our leading support in technical developing. We have weaving, dyeing, finishing, inspection, finished the 5 workshop, with a mature production technology, the company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, with branch in Zhaoqing City ,Guangdong Province.

good quality microfiber manufacturer good quality microfiber manufacturer

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weight: 200-400gsm
size: customized size
Ultra soft, and super fine.
Super absorption capacity, the water absorption is 7 times as high as that of ordinary towel, and the water absorption velocity of microfiber towel is 6 times as fast as that of 100% cotton towel.
high detergency, easy to clean.
No fuzz slip and no fading problems
Super durable, the service life is 5 times as long as the ordinary towel.
1. Wet the microfiber towel before clean the furniture, electric appliance, kitchen ware and floor, ect.due to the dirty dry towel is not easy to be washed clean
2. Wash the dirty towel in time.
3. Do not use the towel to clean the rust due to the rust will be easy to attach on the fiber and difficult to be washed off
4. Do not iron the towel and do not touch the water over 60 degree
5. Do not wash the towel together with other items. The fiber will absorb much fuzz and otherwise.
6. Do not use bleach or softening agent due to they will weaken its absorption capacity.
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