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Hot selling towels wholesale

Hot selling towels wholesale

towels washing methods

* towel after washing should be dried naturally, should not be used in the wet state, not long time exposure;

It should not be on the chemical fiber fabric with washing machine

* 40 degrees warm wash, not chlorine wash, dry, moderate temperature hot.

1 towel should hang in ventilated dry, with antiseptic.

2 after used for a period of time, please join with alkaline detergent washing with water after the appropriate amount of vinegar to soak for 10 minutes. Rinse rinse, dried will be fluffy.

3 Warm stuffy put. Sun. To prevent the corrosive articles contact.

4 towel long-term use of easily contaminated with bacteria, for the sake of your health, please change.

Use is divided into: bath towel, face towel, dry hair towel, kitchen towel, beach towel, children towel, air conditioning room towel etc..
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