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How to choose a good pajamas

Currently listed pajamas fabrics diversification. All kinds of soft, breathable, crisp, smooth, easy to absorb sweat, gorgeous colors and elegant fabrics, such as brocade pajama fabric, printing Fuchun spinning, silk cotton cover much young people gaze. Especially luxury silk robe, men wearing looks distinguished, elegant look pretty lady wearing.

Generally for young (18-30) Ideally pajamas knitted pajamas, because both thin soft pajamas, has a certain flexibility. Raw texture best cotton fabric or cotton-based synthetic fibers. Because cotton hygroscopic and may well absorb the sweat on the skin. Cotton pajamas soft, breathable, can reduce skin irritation. Unlike cotton, rayon, allergies and itching does not occur, so that such clothing most comfortable wearing stickers. Although the smooth silk pajamas comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but not sweat, as it is a good choice for fun pajamas.

For the middle-aged (35-50 years old) ideal quilted cotton pajamas pajamas is because both knit cotton pajamas soft and comfortable, but also thick warm winter is definitely the first choice to buy.

Other fabrics, such as the past two years more fire coral velvet pajamas, fleece pajamas, these have their own characteristics!
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