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How to clean a microfiber duster

How to clean a microfiber duster?
microfiber duster using only human hair 1% of high-density ultra-fine fibers made of worsted. Special wedge-shaped cross-section so that it can more effectively capture even a few microns of dust particles, oil removal, decontamination, water effect is very clear, soft, bright color, no spinning, no hair loss, not bacteria, not diminished, life expectancy is five times the normal washing towels, and can be used repeatedly.

Easy to clean: use ordinary towel, especially natural fiber towel, will be rubbing the surface of dust, grease, dirt and other directly absorbed into the fibers inside the fiber into the residue after use, easy to remove, even after use for a long time It will harden lose elasticity, affect the use. The microfiber duster is adsorbed on the dirt between the fibers (rather than inside the fiber), coupled with high fiber fineness, density, and therefore strong adsorption capacity, after use just a little with water or detergent can be.
how to clean a microfiber duster
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