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Is it Microfiber fiber?

In general, Microfiber fiber having a fiber diameter of 0.3 od (5 micrometers in diameter) or less are called ultrafine fibers.

There are two main types of microfibers, polyester and polyimide (generally 80% to 20%, and further 100% types (water absorption effect, sensitivity) in Japan).

Microfibers can absorb as much as seven times their own weight in ash, particulates, and liquids. Wash off with oil, pollutants, fresh water or fertilizer, detergent.

The ultrafine fiber surface is countless to be contaminated so that it can be cleaned and smoothed. It has high water absorption and can discharge very clean liquid.

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Performance Features of Ultrafine Fiber:

1. High water absorption: The surface area of the fiber is increased, the number of voids in the tissue is increased, and the water absorption effect is enhanced by the hygroscopic effect of the capillary core.

2, strong bleaching power: special cross-section can capture dust particles from several micrometers to several micrometers more effectively, the effect of removing the bleach is obvious .

3, non-hair removal: high strength fiber long yarn, easily broken, at the same time using the fine structure method, unspun, non-crimped, fibers also fall out of the surface of the hairs.

4, Long life: Due to the high strength of the microfibers, because they are durable, their service life is more than four times the usual.

5. Easy-to-clean: The ultra-fine fiber width is to adsorb the contaminants between the fibers, and furthermore, the fiber is high in fiber and large in density. Therefore, fresh water or detergents are used to enhance absorption capacity.

6, color loss: two criteria of buffer, dye transfer, high temperature dispersancy, decolorization, has reached a special standard for the actual market of the outlet. 

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