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Jacquard Big Pearl Microfiber Cleaning Towel

  What is Microfiber Cleaning Towel?

  Microfiber cloth is also called superfine fiber wiping cloth, not shedding fiber cleaning towel cloth, non silk towel cloth.

  The special wedge section of Microfiber cloth to make it more effective to capture even a few micron particles of dust, oil removal, decontamination, water absorption effect is very obvious, soft, bright color, not spinning, not wool, not bacteria, not shrink, life is 5 times that of ordinary washing towel, can be used repeatedly.

  Jacquard Big Pearl Microfiber Cleaning Towel.jpg

Jacquard Big Pearl Microfiber Cleaning Towel Details:

  Composition :


  Color available:



  Household cleanings,Ktichen cleanings, Car Washing, also used an oil remover in the painting industry.building industry



  Eco-friendly, High water absorbent, biodegradable


  5000-10000 Sets

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