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Kitchen Sponge Microfiber Cleaning Glove

Microfiber Cleaning Glove Details:

  Dimensions: 11x17cm,Material: Microfiber

  Soft material, without any makeup products, direct easily remover, you no longer have to worry about cleansing oil can irritate the skin

  It is easier to clean some areas which hard to reach on your face,for removing makeup around your eyes and clean your face

  Dry quickly to eliminate much of the bacterial growth, will not get smelly

  Reusable use up to 1000 times and everything comes clean;no stains and remains soft. Promotes healthy skin.

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  Soft, comfortable and good handle, strong absorption.

  This Car Washing Glove features excellent cleaning ability and durable.

  Suitable for cleaning various cars,windows, kitchen products, furniture.

  Car Wash Mitt with elastic opening is made from highly absorbent Microfiber

  Reinforced stitching so the Car Wash Glove is very strong and durable

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