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Low Price Microfiber cleaning glove

Microfiber cleaning glove  Details:


Soft, comfortable and good handle, strong absorption. 

This Car Washing Glove features excellent cleaning ability and durable.

Suitable for cleaning various cars,windows, kitchen products, furniture. 

Car Wash Mitt with elastic opening is made from highly absorbent Microfiber 

Reinforced stitching so the Car Wash Glove is very strong and durable 

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Microfiber Gloves Description and use:

(1) It is new kind of microfiber upgraded products.

(2) On the matter of water absorption, durability, and cleaning capability, it is much more better than general microfiber towel.

(3) The PU coating microfiber cloth can prohibit impurities while adsorbing water.

(4) The towel is very durable and easy to wash without detergent. 

(5) It contains no chemicals and it has no bad odors.

(6) Drying car after washing; Detailing car(esp. wheel cleaning); General house cleaning; Wiping dust & water after wet sanding on partially painted body.Perfect lint free, No streak, No swirl mark!!!

Range of application

Suitable for the cleaning of no-stick cookware, inner tank of electric cooker, kitchen dishes and so on. It is a good assistant of modern family life.


No need to use detergent, clean at once after rinsing with water, flowing water making it better effect.

our company provide microfiber gloves for cleaning,if you need that pls contact us.

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