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Microfiber Bath Dog Towel Pet Towel

Super absorbent and ultra-fast drying, light weight and easy to care for this towel can be stored in your car for on the go trips for your pet or at home .Provides comfort for your pet and protection for your couch, carpet, car, bed, floor, or chair

Soft Bathrobe  Microfiber Pet Towel.jpg

  Our advantages

  Keeps your dog warm, dry and cosy after a swim or bath.

  Help to keep your house or car clean after a mucky walking.

  Neck circumference with adjustable rope design, easy to put on and take off.

  Provides an ideal way to protect dogs against cooling after bathing or walking in the rain.

  This pet dog bathrobe has applied absorbent Microfiber, which can make your pets dry super quick.

  our company as a Custom Wholesale Microfiber  Pet Towel  Factory in China ,provide Microfiber Bath Dog Towel Pet Towel  ,if you need that pls contact us.

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