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Microfiber Bath Towel Suppliers In China

microfiber bath towel quality fabrics, brand quality, soft and comfortable, strong water absorption, environmentally friendly printing, high-end technology, safety and health.
Brief introduction :
1.Microfiber cleaning cloth can be used to clean the screen of glasses,LCD,mobilephone ,IPad and  other electronic  products.
2.Super fine microfiber cleaning cloth keeps the screen of your iPad,Iphone .glasses etc in optimal condition .
3.You can print your LOGO on the product  for promotion ,It will let your client happy and be your  faithful  client.
1. Light-Weight
2. Quick-Dry
3. Easy to take and Soft
4. Easy to wash and dry
5. Super absorbent and Lint free
6. Easy to wash and dry,
7. Soft touch and good handfeeling
8. Delicate edge and dense stitch, durable....

we as a  Microfiber Cleaning Towel manufacturer,if you need that pls contact us.
microfiber bath towel suppliers in china
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