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Microfiber Bath Towels Manufacturers

Microfiber bath towels manufacturers Use:
1,Daily use(dry towel,drying cap,Bath towel)
2,Home clean(dish washing,table,floor,etc.)
3,Car maintenance(wash and clean)
4,Hairdressing industry(dry towel,bath towel)
6,Gift towel
Allergy sufferers or people allergic to the chemicals will be very like microfibers for clean towels. Because they do not need to use any chemicals when cleaning.

1. Composition: 80% polyester & 20% polyamide, or 70% polyester & 30% polyamide
2. Dimension: 40*60cm, 40*80cm, 45*90cm, 75*150cm, etc. Any size is available according to your requirement.
3.OEM is welcome.

Microfiber is a very nice synthetic, advanced loom-made textile fiber.
microfibre is quite welcomed recently
with composition of  100%polyeter or 80%polyester 20%polyamide, and etc.
 A microfibre thread can be more than twice
as fine as a silk thread and more than 100 times  compared with human hair. 

The most significant advantage of Microfiber Towel in our factory can be concluded as follows:
1.Easy to wash.
2.Very soft,  High purity, easy dyeing and durable.
3Super absorption and quick dry, ideal towel for drying your hair and body 
4.Excellent ability to absorb dust and oil  Remove visible and invisible dirt without any scratch;
5.Excellent water absorption;
6 Various sizes and color available 
7 OEM service available, embroideried or printed logo or any digital pictures is OK .
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