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Do you know what advantages of Microfiber Bath Towels have? Jiuyuan Textile Company tell you some advantages of Microfiber Bath Towels.
1. super absorbent: superfine fiber uses orange petal technology to separate filaments into eight pieces, which increases the surface area of the fiber and increases the porosity in the fabric. The wicking effect is enhanced by wicking effect. Rapid water absorption and rapid drying become its remarkable characteristics.
2. strong detergency: microfiber diameter 0.4 m silk is only 1/10, dust particles, the special cross section can more effectively capture as small as a few microns decontamination, degreasing effect is very obvious.
3. no hair removal: high strength synthetic filament, not easy to break, and the fine texture, not spinning, no delamination, fiber is not easy to fall from the surface. Use it as cleaning towel, towel is especially suitable for the polished surface paint, plating surface, glass, instrument and LCD etc..
4. long life: ultrafine fiber strength, toughness, so it is the life of the common cotton service life more than 4 times, even after repeated washing invariance, at the same time, polymer fiber does not produce protein hydrolysis like cotton fiber, even after use is not dry, not mildew, rot, has long life.
5. easy to clean: superfine fiber is adsorbed on the dirt between the fibers (rather than fiber), plus fiber, high density, so the adsorption ability, after use with water or detergent can be a little. fade: the use of dyes and processes for superfine fiber material, so that in the clean surface of the goods will not bring pollution problems of decolorization.
Microfiber Bath Towels
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