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Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Manufacturers

1. A kind of man-made fiber contains polyamide and polyester.
2.Polyamide: the absorbing and quick drying fiber, Polyester: the scrubbing and cleaning fiber.
3. Each square inch in a microfiber product contains approximately  90,000 microfibers.
  Why Use Microfiber Products ?
1. Absorb and get dust and dirt from surface absolutely.
2. Hold up to 7 times than its weight in dirt, oil and liquid.
3. Store the dust and dirt particles in the fibers until it is washed.
4. Soft, durable, high absorbability, clean without the use of detergent or chemicals. 5. Ordinary cotton products move or push the dust and dirt from one point to another.
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China microfiber cleaning cloths manufacturers
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