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Microfiber Cleaning Glove

Microfiber Cleaning Glove Description and use: 
(1) It has super water absorbency and soft hand touch.
(2) It contains no chemicals and it has no bad odors.
(3) It is very durable and easy to wash without detergent.
(4) The enthusiastic designs are safe and efficient for car polishing and waxing.
(5) Also works great for household cleaning.
(6) Durable, should be washed by wash machine
(7) Removed dust, dirt and hair, even for atomic speedy and effectively.
Microfiber Cleaning Glove
Outstanding Advantages:
1.excellent water absorption, microfiber adopt orange-segment type technology,it will cut filament into eight sections,so it increase curface area of fiber,pore between fabric will increase,capability of water absorption will increass through capillary wicking effects,raped absorption an quick drying are regard as its significant features.
2.strong detergency: microfiber with diameter do 0.4um is only 1/10 of silk, its unique cross-section can   more effectively capture particles and dust that are tiny to a few microns,the effect of decontamination and deoiling is very obvious. not shed, synthetic fiber filament with high strength is not easy to break ,at the same time,it adopt fine weave,so it do not spin and knock over,fibers are not easy to fall off fromthe surface the towel.
4.long life, because microfibers have hing strength and toughness,its using life is more than 4 times of using life of the nomal towel,it do not deform after many times of washing,meanwhile,not like cotton fibers,high-molecular polymer fibers do not the fibers do not produce protein hydrolysis,it will not mildew and rot even after used without drying.
5.easy to clean, dirt is absorbed between the fiber (not interior the fibers),together with high denier and density of the fibers,so the absorption capacity is strong,it just need water or a little of detergent after using it.

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