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Microfiber Cleaning Glove For Sale

Microfiber Cleaning Glove has 100% Micro Fiber, 7 times super absorbent, lint-free wadding, silky soft. An affordable multi-purpose microfiber mat, easy to clean, lint-free, non-fading, clean and green. Can be used as a placemat, you can also do the washing cloth, rags, etc., widely used, thicker type. Double-sided microfiber plus sponge sandwich, diamond lattice reinforcement, soft insulation, more absorbent, dry quickly wash the dishes good, but not hair loss, do not fade, will not cause secondary pollution. Does not damage the surface, but there is still some polishing. Is your daily household cleaning good helper!

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Double sides material. Mecerized velvet side is used for cleaning greasy dirt, while the coarse side for cleaning stubborn stains.

Special design, no need to change hand:

Soft and comfortable texture, inside waterproof layer design, protecting the skin of hand.

Range of application

Suitable for the cleaning of no-stick cookware, inner tank of electric cooker, kitchen dishes and so on. It is a good assistant of modern family life.


No need to use detergent, clean at once after rinsing with water, flowing water making it better effect.


Before use, wet the product, activating bamboo fibre molecule

After use, dry it at ventilation place.

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