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Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Co.,Ltd is a Microfiber cleaning towel manufacturer in China.We produce high quaity Microfiber Cleaning cloth and other microfiber products.
What are the characteristics of microfiber cleaning towel?
After washing, grinding velvet, superfine fiber senior finished fabrics, the surface will form a layer of similar peach skin hair appearance, and extremely characteristic of bulky, soft and smooth microfiber towel with high water absorption, strong detergency, hair removal, long life, easy to clean and not easy to fade.
Do you pay attention to the use of microfiber cleaning towel ?
Microfiber cleaning towel can not be sterilized at high temperature, and the temperature can not exceed 65 degrees. Therefore, the ultrafine fiber towels can not be ironed with irons.
Secondly, because of the strong adsorption, so can not be mixed with other items, otherwise it will be stained with a lot of hair and dirty things.
Microfiber Cleaning Towel manufacturer
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