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Microfiber glove since splitting makes the inside of the fiber filament contact area with the outside world increase, the gap between the filament quickly absorbed into the water, dust, grease, dirt, so use microfiber cleaning products have become very easy Just gently rub the surface clean and immediately. According to tests show that the absorbent microfiber fabric reached other products, 8 times, this strong absorption makes car washing, mopping and other cleaning work easier to do, just wipe once on the dry surface, leaving no water mark.
Color:black,white,blue, grey, pink, green, yellow,red, many colors in stock for choice.Any color is available.
Features of microfiber glove:
1.The material of the hand back is made of polyster and conductive fiber, which give the gloves with superior antistatic function.
2. Anti-sweating and anti-skidding, very comfortable to wear.
3.Polyester material glove, seamless, anti-static, PU coated on palm surface
4.Conductive yarn spaced every 5mm,10mm to dissipate a charge at a higher rate
5.Washable and reusable, exceptional in slippage prevention
6. Protecting scratch & contaminations with PU dipped on the palm area.
Microfiber glove
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