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Microfiber Gloves For Car

Our microfiber cloth/fabric are widely used in following options:

1,household microfiber cleaning cloth in different size and weight/quality.

2,microfiber glove items for car wash and polish,such as buffing towel,car wash sponge pad,wax 

applicator,glove etc.

3,microfiber items for personal care and beauty,such as hair turban,hair drying towel,sports towel,

travel towel,bath towel,blanket,bathrobe,bath,microfiber gloves wrapperetc.

4,microfiber items for kitchen cleaning,such as microfiber kitchen towel/washing up cloth,

microfiber sponge cloth,dish drying mat,washing sponge etc.

5,microfiber items for floor cleaning and maintance,such as floor cleaning towel,wet mop,

flat mop with Velcro or with pocket,microfiber chenille mat etc.

6,microfiber cloth for glasses and lens,cleaning cloth,pouch etc.

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Our Services:

We have the entire production process, weaving, dyeing, cutting, sewing, packaging design and

 quality control, for you do each step strict.

We can design any cards and color boxes for your choice if you need top quality packing.

Our objective is to find stable and reliable wholesalers over world, anythings we can negociated.

our company as a microfiber gloves for cleaning manufacturer ,if you need that pls contact us.

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