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Microfiber Mop Head Supplier in China

The microfiber mop head is made of imported microfiber raw materials, and the decontamination rate is strong! The key raw material is microfiber, so it does not hurt the surface, and the product is beautiful! It is most suitable for dry rubbing. Due to the special structure of this product, the dust and dust are 4-5 times higher than the general products! Secondary pollution is equivalent to 4-5 times lower than the average product!
microfiber mop head supplier in china
1.Super water absorption.
2.Good quality with competitive price.
3.Long service for mop.
4.Easy mop makes easy housework.
5.Convenient hands-free wringing system to keep your hands dry.
6.Microfiber/Cotton magic cleaning,no more dirty your hands.

As a Factory Supplier Assurance for you:
1.100% product quality protection
2.100% on-time shipment protection
3.100% payment protection

Our Products Profit for you:
1.Mix mop head's material and pole material for your choice
2.More than 15 years producing mop.
3.More than 10 years exporting experience.

our company provide Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth ,if you need that pls contact us.
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