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Microfiber Mop Stripe Sale Online

Microfiber is a synthetic material that consists of an interlocking blend of two fibers: polyester and polyamide.
 Polyester is a fiber that is useful for polishing and cleaning while polyamide is a fiber that is absorbent and quick-drying.
Rod Material:Aluminum alloy
Mop Pad Material:80%polyester+20%polyamide or 70%polyester+20%polyamide

Microfiber Mop Stripe China

Microfiber Mop Stripe Features:

1.Superior water and grease absorptivity,the water absorbing capacity can be 7 times as heavy as its weight.
2.Much more durable than cotton mops,multitime repeated washing.
3.Easy to get it clean and quick drying.
4.Soft and cozy,moving smoothly on the floor,making your housework more comfortable and enjoyable.
5.Anti-bacteria treatment available.
6.Aluminum alloy,long working life. fastener is equiped at the bottom of the metal plate ,which can connect the loop of the mop pad easily.
7.Simple to use,convenient to assemble and take apart.
OEM service offered,any size and color is available.
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