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Microfiber Pearl Stripe Towel-016S producers

We are Microfiber Pearl Stripe Towel-016S producers.

Description and use:
(1) No scratches for the scrubbing surface;
(2) well-knit;
(3) Super absorbent: water absorption is 6 times of normal towels; 2-3 times of Chamois;
(4) Super clean power: Microfiber towel has superior electrostatic attracting capacity, cleaning out the dust from most small corner, specially suitable for cleaning car interiors, dashboards, upholstery and so on.
(5) Super detergency: after wipe the engine oil type, can use the general washing method to clear the surface, and there is not residual oil on it.
(6) Suitable for automotive interior instrument panel, leather chairs, glass and other objects: spraying the foaming agent on the surface and wipe with a towel, using by dry or wet
(7) At first, cleaning the car-body with the towel, then let the sponge adhere the wax to painting the car. When the wax is solidified, use a towel to polish.
(8) Apply to dry skin, hair, water, avoiding the harm of the hair dryer
(9) For kitchen hygiene, wipe out oil stain, good cleaning and easy to wring.


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