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Microfiber Sponge Pad Factory

Our goal is to provide customers with good products and service. We continuously develop new products, persist in the marketing strategy of rapid response to changing circumstances and service upmost, set up well-established quality management system and cost control system, try our best to meet customers' needs and expectations with excellent products and service.
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Microfiber Sponge Pad  filter material   :
1.Fluid Filtration - Filter Media for Water, Oil, Air & Dust
Foam Conversion manufacture technical foam filter media products for all types of fluid and gas filtration. These include water filters, oil filters and gas filters including filters for air purification and dust control.
2.PUR Reticulated Filter Foam Media
Polyurethane (PUR) foam with either a polyether or polyester polyol go through a special process called reticulation to produce a completely open cell foam with a very controlled cell structure, high ageing stability and high ozone and oxygen resistance making them ideal for use in a wide range of filtration applications.
3.Non-foam Filter Media
Foam Conversion also supply filtering media, that is not foam-based, such as organic and non-organic porous materials including paper-based filters and wadding filter materials that are often used in conjunction with foam-based filters.
4.Foam Filter Applications
In addition to fabricating specialist aquatic filters (please see aquatic filtration for more details), Foam Conversion also manufacture and supply industrial and technical foam filter media for a wide range of applications to clients worldwide. Some of the more common applications for foam filtering media include:
•Air intake and exhaust filters
•Pre-filters for air conditioning units
•Medical foam filters
•Motorcycle filters (especially where high levels of dust are present)
•Oil foam filters
•Mist eliminators
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