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Microfiber Sponge Pad Factory

Our kitchen sponges can be widely used in pot, dish, car washing,cleaning,waxing,etc.Also they can be made to any customized finished or semi-finished products according to clients’different requirements.
Microfiber Sponge Pad factory
1.Physical decontamination, strong decontamination
Melamine Sponge is made of melamine resin, with high surface open porosity and strong adsorption capacity.
Good heat resistance and thermal stability
Good sound absorption, heat insulation, low density and simple processing performance
2.Healthy and environmentally friendly, no need for detergent
Only with water,no detergent,it could remove the stubborn stain
The Melamine Sponge raw material is made of melamine resin, which is mainly used for safer baby tableware.
3.Melamine Sponge is flexible and easy to clean
The Melamine Sponge has passed the flexibility test, which is flexible and not easy to break. It is more convenient to clean.
our company provide Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth,if you need that pls contact us.
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