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Microfiber Sponge Pad Sale Online

 How to use the Microfiber Sponge Pad?

1、Use water only,no need for detergent.Skin care,easy to use and free to cut different sizes.

2、Soak in water and squeeze gently,then wipe the dirt and dry with hygroscopic cloth.

3、Do not wipe very hard to avoid damage to the items easy to rattle.

4、The block will gradually become smaller during using due to wear,discarded as non-combustible materials when handling.

5、Don’t wring after use,let it dry naturally.Do not use acidic bleach.

6、Microfiber Sponge Pad has superior decontamination capability.

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Our advantage?

First: We have our own factory

Second: We have advanced production technology and super technology equipment

Third: We can assure you the high quality of our products

Fourth: We have competitive price

Please notice:

A、Do not or use on the human body.

B、Do not use on coarse,rough surfaces as it may shorten its life.

Spot test on all surface before use to discolouration.

C、Not recommended for use on surfaces that are polished/glossy,or on finishes that are brushed,stained or dark.

D、Take care when using on electrical appliances as excess water may cause shock.

E、Do not use bleach or hot water to avoid yellowing

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