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Microfiber Terry Towel
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Microfiber Terry Cloth

Microfiber Terry Cloth is a common fabric for cleaning. The soft loops absorb water and dust quickly, which saves much time for you. You have various choices on colors, as we have our own dying machine to meet your requirements.
When cleaning, you don’t have to use chemicals, which is harmful to your skin. It is easy to clean itself.
For small size, like 30*30cm, 340*40c, and 40*40cm, microfiber terry cloths could be used in household cleaning. For big and heavy terry cloths, most are used in car cleaning, office cleaning,etc. The lighter weight towels are more aggressive while the higher weight towels are softer and more gentle.
The microfiber terry cloths are rather durable and you could use it for more than 200 times, saving much cost for your family.
Various weights, colors, sizes are available here.
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