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Microfiber Terry Cloth Manufacturer China

A clean miracle!  Get streak free windows and mirrors with only water!
Cleaning Green,No more harsh chemical fumes and newspaper, forget squeegees and cleaning your window twice to get the job done.
The microfiber terry cloth is made of the highest quality microfiber trapping grease and grime, dust and micro particles while leaving the surface clean, streak free and polished. Use dry for dusting and polishing and damp for cleaning.
1) Use for multipurpose cleaning: Kitchen, furniture, car, floor, computer, windows etc.
2) High water and grease absorption
3) Easy to wash without detergent
4) Quick dry
5) Much more durable than cotton cloth
6) Soft touch provides you great comfort
7) Cozy and elegant look
8) No bad smell, no germ even in wet condition
microfiber terry cloth manufacturer china
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