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Microfiber bath towels For sale

What towel can quickly dry the baby's body after the bath? Because the room temperature is relatively low, children should be quickly dried after bathing, otherwise the child is easy to get sick.So using microfiber bath towels, is a good choice.
Microfiber bath towels has high water absorbability. It is 10-15 times more absorbent than cotton towels, and for a long time, the baby's skin will become healthier.
Microfiber towels are antibacterial, so if you keep using this towel, your baby's skin will not be allergic. When Mommy takes a shower, she can put a towel on her baby, and she can wear a towel cap on her head.
Use microfiber bath towels to cover the baby's body, do not have to manually dry, as long as a few seconds, the baby's skin itself to dry. If the skin has some problems, microfiber towel through its own structure to produce adsorption, can remove pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria in the human body.
Microfiber bath towels
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