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Microfiber Gloves For Cleaning Supplier In China

The microfiber gloves for cleaning have great water absorption, about10 times as ordinary towel. With electrostatic dust removal function, this product is quite popular in cleaning cars,computers, furniture and other household items. It islint-free and durable. Hebei Jiuyuan Textile Co.,Ltd as a professional Wholesale microfiber cleaning cloth , making efforts in researching ,producing and selling.
microfiber gloves for cleaning supplier in china
Comfortable  Microfiber Gloves Specifications:       
1.Type: double-side with fabric
2.Material: 100%polyester
3. Size: 16*21cm
4.Pile Height: 2cm
5.Gross Weight: 45g
6. Color: customizing 
7.Function: strong cleaning ability,absorbability,washable etc.
8.Usage: washing car, furniture, windows,banisters etc.
9. Packing: packed in carton 
10.Notes: customizing is accepted, including size, shape, color, pile high,etc. 

If you also need large microfiber chamois, please contact us.   
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