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Microfiber hard stripe Mop For Sale

  Microfiber hard stripe Mop,microfiber cloth stripe mop head,floor mop easy to clean dust and dirt on the surface,professional wet floor mop head refill.High absorption,doesn't make a mess.

Microfiber hard stripe Mop For Sale.jpg

  150-250g/pc,AZO free.Any colors are available.

  Material: 100% microfiber terry cloth

  Composition: Microfiber knitting strip cloth+plastic

  High water absorbency


  High quality wet mop head

  Delivery time:25-35days

  Packing:Poly bag,carton,customized.


  Microfiber cloth mop head

  1, with flat floor design allows the full force mop the floor, his hand sweeping movements to achieve the effect of the floor, floor thickness of only 3CM, clean bed and more convenient.

  2, the unique 360-degree rotating design direction can be easily cleaned ceiling, walls,furniture and other health following a corner. Play a multiplier effect.

  3, mechanical parts made of high strength materials to ensure the reliability and stability mop.

  our company as a Microfiber stripe Mop Supplier in China ,if you need that pls contact us.

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