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Microfiber mop strip

HeBei JiuYuan Textile Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture producing microfiber cleaning products. During all kinds of cleaning products, microfiber cleaning cloth is a bestseller. In recently years, It is sold to more and more countries and be liked by more and more customer.
Microfiber mop strip can be sold as rolls , a piece of it will make to one roll , and be packaged to any kilograms as customer’s request, then after receiving it , customers cut the microfiber mop stripe to any length as their like to make various mop with different size to meet different customer’s request.
Microfiber mop strip is different from the traditional ones . It is be woven to a strip of 2cm or 3 cm width, and the traditional ones will be cut to the stripes, then when cleaning the floor , the microfiber mop strip will not loose any hair in the floor, that is an obvious difference with the old ones.
Besides, a piece of microfiber mop strip can be printed to 2 colors , the point also be loved by the customer from different country.
In a word , the microfiber mop strip is cleaning product with convenient, effective and a highly popular product.

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